Altona City Theatre - Technical Services
providing technical services to users of the Altona Theatre

Altona Theatre Auditorium

If you have any technical or staging queries please feel free to contact the ACT Technical Manager:
James Holt
0417 106 578 (AH preferred)

For venue hire queries please contact Hobsons Bay City Council:
Marcus Cassidy-Anderson - Venues Services Officer
(03) 9932 4076

To download the theatre hire pack, venue hire charges, forms and associated documents please click here to visit the HBCC website

General Documents

Technical Specifications (PDF 57kb)
Updated October 2023

Technical Charges & Additional Equipment (PDF 62kb)
Updated July 2023

Stage Dimensions (PDF 51kb)
Simplified diagram of stage measurements - see Technical Specifications for full measurements

Seating Plan (PDF 43kb)
Revised 2010
Extract from Hire Information Pack - shows locations of disabled seating, house seating and production desk

Standard Rigs

Standard Lighting Rig v9 2023 (PDF 116kb)
Contains textual description, patch sheet and drawing of current standard concert rig.
Updated October 2023

Standard Audio Rig (PDF 16kb)
Patch sheet for audio desk and rack.
Updated April 2016

Patch Maps

Lighting (PDF 88kb)
Lighting power and DMX data patch map

Audio (PDF 87kb)
Audio (microphone/line sends & returns) patch map

Cans (PDF 86kb)
Cans (talkback communication headset) patch map.

Speaker (PDF 85kb)
Speaker (amplifier output) patch map

Video (PDF 87kb)
Video (CCTV) patch map

Equipment Specifications - Lighting

Chamsys MagicQ Manual (PDF)
Full manual for the Chamsys MagicQ wing/console.  Soft copies of this file are kept on the lighting computer for reference.

Jands Event v3 Manual (PDF 1.96mb)
Full manual for the Jands Event 48 Plus console.  Hard copies of this file are kept in the control room for reference.

Followspot Information
Information regarding the hire and use of ACT followspots

Additional Services
Additional lighting services that can be offered by ACT Technical Services

Equipment Specifications - Audio

Behringer X32 Manual (PDF 10.5MB)
Full manual for the Behringer X32 Compact FOH mixer.

Denon DN-C615 Manual (PDF 811kb)
Full manual for the Denon DN-C615 CD player.
The CD player will not play EMI (or similar) copy-protected CDs.

Stage Floor & Grid Specifications

Stage Floor Rating
Maximum 750kg/m2
OR 450kg point load


Flying Load
500kg SWL per winch (13 @ 500mm ctrs)
Actual flying load depends on distribution of weight - see document below for full spec
Winch load is taken by winch beam, head beam 1, then distributed over stage beams 1 - 4

Hanging Load
Maximum 40kg per metre of bar

Stage Floor & Grid Specifications (PDF 469kb)
Maximum permissible loads for floor and grid.  Includes diagram.

Stage Manager's Control Panel Facilities

Stage Manager's Desk

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